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Experience Rural Kyoto

December 28th, 2016 by jsoler

For a true Japanese Experience, Japan Roads would like to suggest a home stay in Kameoka (rural Kyoto). This experience is included in our Rural Discovery Tour. This tour will guide you to a off-the-beaten-track part of Japan. The tour gives the opportunity to stay with a Japanese family in a traditional house. With the Rural Discovery Tour you will bring you to amazing landmarks in Kyoto, the Himeji Castle…. but the main attraction of this tour is the home stay in Kameoka.

This rural home-stay will give you stories that you will remember long after your photos have faded. While talking with your hosts you will learn how Japanese live, and experience something beyond traditional sightseeing.

Fukiko will provide you a variety of experiences that only her can give. She will cook traditional Japanese dishes for you; using fresh ingredients from her organic garden. If you like; she can dress you in one of her beautiful kimonos, Fukiko likes Kimonos very much and owns a fantastic collection. You will also have a chance to meet a Maiko (a geisha in training). Fukiko will also tell you the fascinating story of her family and ancestors.

A stay with Fukiko will introduce you the Japanese traditions, the bravery of the Japanese people, the research of excellent… but you will also learn about yourself and how to enjoy life in a traditional Japanese way.

To learn about the 7 rules for happiness in the Japanese style, please see the video,

This video was produced by Susan Macaulay, Creator & Curator of (Amazing Women Rock), when she visited Fukiko’s guest house in 2008. The original post is here:
7 Rules for Happiness Japanese Style

She also made these videos about the trip:
Fukiko Makes Me Beautiful in a Kimono
Fukiko’s Mother; Inside the World Of an Aspiring Geisha

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