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Ease your mind at one of our best Buddhist temples (Shukubo). Forget your daily routine, join monks in their morning pray, and taste vegetarian meals (Shojin-ryori). Though all Shukubo (Buddhist Temples) are different, the following ones have been selected for the unique experiences they provide. Staying at such Shukubo is something you will never forget.


Because of its location, beautiful buildings, and prayers, Shojoshin-in Shukubo is a must. It is one of the oldest temples on Mount Koya (Koyasan). Shojoshin-in has Japanese style guest rooms as well as a “Hanare” (private guest residence which has a private bath and toilet), Japanese style gardens and a pond. Shojoshin-in provides shared baths for both women and men, and “shojin-ryori” or Buddhist Monk vegetarian meals without meat or fish of any kind are served to the guests. The early morning service is followed by a short tour of the temple’s treasures (in Japanese). Monks usually perform a fire ceremony at 13:00. It’s not every day so please ask for it during check-in. This temple has a great location at the beginning of the tomb-lined pathway to Okunoin, making it convenient for your late-night stroll to the mausoleum. Originating as a thatched hut built by Kukai more than 1,150 years ago and once the second-largest temple in Koyasan after Kongobuji, today it boasts attractive 150-year-old buildings, including a large wooden structure with rooms overlooking a small garden and pond. In total there are 21 rooms at Shojoshin-in.

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It might be pricey but with more options such as a night tour of the cemetery, Eko-in will be an unforgettable experience in Koyasan. A 1000-year-old Shukubo, Eko-in offers Japanese-style guest rooms and one of them has a private bath and toilet. All of the guest rooms have a garden view. Guests are free to attend morning services and the Goma fire ritual. Guests can participate in meditation sessions from 16:30, upon advance reservation so please let us know if you are interested. Sessions can be translated into English and English brochures are available if there is no interpreter.

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Less popular and touristy than Koyasan, Shigisan is an interesting alternative. Gyokuzo-in (Shukubo) was first established about 1400 years ago and it’s located on the east side of the Mt Ikoma, between Osaka and Nara. At Gyokuzo-in the morning prayer starts around 6:00 am. As guests of Gyokuzo-in, you are invited to attend the prayer services. The morning prayer service is about 40 minutes long. There are 50 rooms at Gyokuzo-in. Only one of them has a private bath and toilet.

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This traditional Buddhist Temple has a very warm and cozy atmosphere, and it is recommended for guests seeking a family-style temple. The building doesn’t have the same charms of other larger temples but the family living in this temple can make all the difference. The hosts at Hoon-in are very friendly and will go out of their way to make you feel at home. We especially suggest you stay at Hoon-in if you have specific meal requirements. There are 16 Japanese-style guest rooms in their “Honkan” and “Bekkan”. None of the guest rooms have private baths or toilets. Hoon-in provides shared baths for both women and men, and “shojin ryori” or Buddhist Monk vegetarian meals are served to the guests.

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