Hidden Spots

These are some hidden spots that we recommend to make your trip to Japan a little bit more special.
Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido:

This park in central Hokkaido has a wide range of hot springs, gorges, and mountains including Asahidake which is Hokkaido’s tallest mountain.

Transportation: take the JR Limited Express train from JR Sapporo train station to JR Kamikawa train station. From here visitors can take trains and buses to different areas of the park.

Iriomotejima (Iriomote Island, Okinawa):

This island is a national park and it is known as the “Galapagos of the Orient” because of its rare subtropical plants and animals. It is also popular for scuba diving and eco-tours.

Transportation: there are boats that arrive at Ishigakiko port on Iriomotejima, and from there you can take a bus to other parts of the island.

Kurokawa Onsen (Kurokawa Hot Spring), Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu:

This very popular hot spring town is located near the volcanic Mount Aso, and it is surrounded by the beautiful mountains and lush gorges of the Aso region. Visitors can purchase a Hot Springs Pass to enter any three hot springs of their choice.

Transportation: From JR Hita train station, take the bus to Tsuetate Onsen. From Tsuetate Onsen, take another bus to Oguniyu station. Kurokawa Onsen Accommodation (This is a very popular destination so please make your reservation at least 2 months in advance. Weekdays are better, especially for single travelers).

Magome and Tsumago on the Nagasendo Trail, Nagano Prefecture:

Within the Kiso Valley in Nagano, this was once a popular route was used by provincial lords, samurai attendants, merchants, and commoners during the Edo Period. Today it remains much as it was due to the efforts of the local population.

Transportation: take the JR Limited Express Shinano at JR Nagoya train station to JR Nagiso train station.

Yufuin Onsen (Yufuin Hot Spring), Oita Prefecture, Kyushu:

West of the popular hot spring resort of Beppu on Kyushu Island lies the pretty and peaceful hot spring town of Yufuin. There are 12 public hot spring baths as well as an outdoor hot spring for bathers to enjoy.

Transportation: take the JR Limited Express train (Yufuin Nomori) from JR Beppu train station to JR Yufuin train station.

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