Travel Stories

Our guests and our team members continuously travel around Japan. These articles present the experiences in Japan they would like to share.

A Ryokan Experience
Staying in a Ryokan at Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture
By Andrew Daniel, Ontario, Canada
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Buddhist Monk Performing their morning services.

Buddhist Temple Overnight in Koyasan
Staying at a Shukubo (Buddhist Temple) in Koyasan is a unique experience.
D. Paget tells us more about his Buddhist Temple overnight in Koyasan below.
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A Night on Koyasan
Story of a first time Temple stay in Koyasan.
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A Hot Spring Experience, the Japanese Onsen
Learn about Osenkaku and its famous hot spring baths.
By Andrew Daniel,
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Climbing Mt. Fuji
Prepare for the climb and read the story of the ascension and descent of the most famous Japanese mountain.
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Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto
Vincent introduces you to this beautiful Buddhist temple and its garden.
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Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido
The Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is the most popular winter festival in Japan,… read more

Sightseeing with Your Eyes Open
There are plenty of surprising things in Japan, everywhere, you just need to look around you.
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Travel report between March 22 and April 12, 2011
What was happening in some of the major cities outside the quake/tsunami zone.
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Experience Rural Kyoto
For a true Japanese Experience, we would like to suggest a home stay in Kameoka
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Naoshima Island
Looking for a unique spot?
Naoshima Island is waiting for you.
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Snow Monkeys in Jigokudani
You might share your bath with Japanese Snow Monkeys.
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2 Days Trip in Tokyo
I just spent my last weekend in Tokyo, let me share my opinion.
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Visiting Kurashiki
Let’s step back in time and experience old Japan in Kurashiki!
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Hot Spring in Takedao Onsen
Looking for a hot spring in Kansai, near Osaka?
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Autumn in Japan
Basic advice and recommendations on how to enjoy those autumn colors.
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Zen Gardens in Kyoto
A visit to Kyoto will not be complete without Zen gardens.
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