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Ishigaki is a Japanese tropical island in Okinawa Prefecture. There are many secret beaches on Ishigaki. The population of about 50,000 is concentrated in the town of Ishigaki. If you're looking for a beach holiday in Japan then there are many option, if any locations, which can rival the beautiful coastlines which surround Ishigaki and its neighbouring islands in the Yaeyama archipelago. Another part of the island’s appeal is the friendliness of the locals. Ishigaki-jima also possesses an attractive, low-lying geography that invites long drives and day hikes. For more information about Ishigaki please see our travel content partner Japan-Guide


    Style: Minshuku

    Welcome to Yaeyamaso, a Minshuku on Ishigakijima. This very pleasant Minshuku is filled with beautiful decoration which bursting with the taste of nature from in and around Ishigakijima Island. You will always feel the warmth of the ryokan staff as they make you feel welcome and happy. You can also enjoy the traditional Japanese styled parts of this ryokan.

    Price Per Person:
    ¥7,000 ~ ¥10,000

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