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Yunishigawa Onsen

In the 12th century the Heike Clan battled the rival Genji Clan to establish political superiority but were eventually defeated. In defeat, the Heike Clan took refuge in the area known as Yunishigawa Onsen (Yunishigawa Hot Spring) in Tochigi Prefecture. The Heike Clan started a new life for themselves in this area, and even today there are still traces of their presence in the area's local customs. Visitors can experience what it must have been like during the lives of the 19th century Heike families by strolling among the traditional thatched-roof dwellings in the village as well as wandering around the grounds of Yudonosan Shrine and Takushido Temple. Yunishigawa Onsen is also full of natural beauty and visitors can venture to see the Kirifuri (Raining Mist) Falls and Ryuo Canyon.

    Honke Bankyu

    Style: Traditional Ryokan

    Welcome to Honke Bankyu. This Traditional Ryokan is located at Yunishikawa Onsen in Nikko prefecture. Honke Bankyu was established in 1666 for visitors taking hot spring cures, and is run by a 25th generation descendant of the Heike Dynasty. This ryokan has two buildings: the Honkan (main building) and Junihitoekan (annex). It has 44 Japanese style guest rooms; 30 of them have their own private bathroom and toilet. Honke Bankyu has a traditional restaurant with several Irori (sunken heart...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥15,000 ~ ¥30,000


    Guest Rating:




    Style: Ryokan Hotel

    Welcome to Hanatohana. This Ryokan Hotel(see definition of ryokan styles below) has 74 Japanese-style guest rooms and 3 Western-style guest rooms. Each guest room has its own private bath and toilet. There are indoor and outdoor hot spring baths for both women and men (same sex only), and some of the baths are open 24 hours a day. Privately reserved hot spring baths are also available at Hanatohana (please ask at the front desk for details). In the summer, guests can relax outside in the ...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥10,000 ~ ¥30,000

    Guest Rating: No Reviews Yet