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Tottori Prefecture is located in the western part of Honshu along the Sea of Japan and between Shimane and Hyogo Prefectures. The origin of the name of this prefecture comes from the Japanese word "tori" or bird. During the Nara Period (8 Century) this part of Japan had many lakes and marshes, and the people who lived here caught the local water birds for a living. Today, Tottori Prefecture is known for its forest and agricultural industries (the popular Japanese persimmons and pears are grown here in abundance). In the southern part of the prefecture lies the Chugoku mountain range with Mount Daisen being the highest mountain. Mount Daisen is popular in summer for hikers and in winter for skiers and snowboarders. The Tottori Sand Dune in Sanin Coast National Park is another tourist attraction, and there are also many hot springs in the prefecture with Iwai and Tottori being some of the more well-known hot spring resort areas.

    Ryokan Mitsui

    Style: Modern Ryokan

    Welcome to Ryokan Mitsui. This Modern Ryokan was started in 1947. It has 18 guest rooms (15 Japanese style, 3 Western style), of which 7 rooms (Japanese style) have private toilets and no baths, and 11 have no private toilets or baths. There are two indoor hot spring baths (same gender only), open most hours of the day. Traditional Japanese cuisine is to guests at Ryokan Mitsui, and during the winter season, fresh crab is served (extra charge). Check-in is after 15:00 and check-out is bef...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥10,000 ~ ¥30,000

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