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One of the best places to see some of Fukuoka Prefecture’s natural beauty is Yanagawa. Yanagawa is a Peaceful canal town 70 km south west of Fukuoka Famed for its delicious river eel. Yanagawa is known primarily for its hundreds of kilometers of canals. Yanagawa is often called "the city of water" and "the Venice of Kyushu". Fukuoka city is a completely different backdrop and atmosphere to the bustling city. When you visit Yanagawa make sure to try the river cruise! Take a trip down the river in a row boat while enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery. For more information about Yanagawa please see our travel content partner Japan-Guide.


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    Welcome to Ohana. This large estate was once formerly the home of Yanagawa's ruling Tachibana family, and the foundations of the estate were first constructed in 1697. In 1910, the estate was expanded with the construction of the Seiyokan Annex, the Ohiroma Grand Hall, the Enyukaijo Banquet Hall, and "Shotoen" which is a wonderful Japanese garden inspired by the landscape of Matsushima near Sendai (this garden was designated as a national site of beauty in 1978). There is a museum, restau...

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    ¥21,000 ~ ¥27,000

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