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Takaragawa Onsen

Located in the northwest part of the Kanto region, Gunma Prefecture is only a one hour train ride from Tokyo. Famous for its natural beauty, Gunma Prefecture is best known for its hot springs, lakes, highlands, and mountains. There are a number of national and prefecture parks, and within these parks there are an endless number of spectacular hot springs (See a Hot Spring Experience for more details). Gunma Prefecture is a wonderful destination for those travelers seeking to escape the city and get back to nature.


    Style: Traditional Ryokan

    Welcome to Osenkaku. There are 4 buildings in this Traditional Ryokan. The main guest room buildings at Osenkaku are the "Honkan" (original building) and the "Higashikan" (east building). The Honkan is a 3 story wooden building with 16 guest rooms and each room has its own private toilet. The Higashikan is a 5 story concrete building with 21 guest rooms, they all come with a private toilet and 5 has a private bath. 24 hours a day.The smaller building is the "Dai-ichi Bekkan" (an...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥10,000 ~ ¥30,000


    Guest Rating: