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Shinhodaka Onsen

Located in the center of Japan, Gifu Prefecture is a mountainous, rugged area full of beautiful forests and rushing rivers. There are a lot of picturesque and historical places to visit here such as Takayama (the little Kyoto of the Japan Alps) and Shirakawago (traditional Japanese farmhouses and Ogimachi, a World Cultural and Heritage site), and Gero Onsen (one of the top hot spring areas in Gifu). Gifu Prefecture is a must for any visitor who wishes to see some of the prettiest places in the Japanese countryside.

    Hodakaso Sangetsu

    Style: Modern Ryokan

    Welcome to Hodakaso Sangetsu. This large Modern Ryokan has 51 Japanese-style guest rooms and 14 Western-style guest rooms. All guest rooms have their own private bath and toilet. There are indoor hot spring baths with saunas for both women and men (same gender only) at Hodakaso Sangetsu. There are outdoor hot spring baths for both women and men (same gender only), and a mixed outdoor hot spring bath (both genders). Hodakaso Sangetsu also has an outdoor hot spring bath which can be private...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥15,000 ~ ¥50,000

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    Style: Minshuku

    Welcome to Shinzansou. This ryokan surrounded by mountains between Takayama and Matsumoto, on the river banks provides a very nice onsen experience. Shinzansou is an inn that serves as a base for climbing throughout the four seasons to heal the fatigue of the day of climbers so they will have the energy to fight on the next day. There are 8 rooms at Shinzansou. Take a moment here for a deep breath; enjoy mother nature.

    Price Per Person:
    ¥10,000 ~ ¥20,000


    Guest Rating: