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Nakagawa-machi, the home of Iizuka-tei is a town in the northeastern part of Tochigi prefecture. Its population is approximately 18,000. The gift of nature from the Yamizo Mountains and Naka River that runs through the town center has been supporting the development of the town. The water of the Naka River (Nakagawa in Japanese) is one of the clearest waters in Japan, and the town of Nakagawa-machi (machi means town) is named after it. The bounties of nature including the beautiful clear river and satoyama (farming villages near hills and mountains) provide many tourism resources including hot springs, golf courses, sake breweries, and game meat cuisine featuring Yamizo shishimaru (wild boar). The local culture and ways of thinking that have been passed down through generations of local residents have created an attractive town.


    Style: Modern Ryokan

    Welcome to Iizukatei. This ryokan has a unique concept with 5 residences. Not only you will stay in one of the private residence, plus the staff of Iizukatei will show you around this beautiful rural town. In a spacious residence, you will find a living room with a sofa and a dining room with a full kitchen. You will feel completely at home whether it is a short or long stay. Each residence has two bedrooms with two semi-double beds, and is capable of accommodating a group of four to...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥20,000 ~ ¥70,000

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