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Yamanashi Prefecture is a sparsely populated region located directly west of Tokyo Prefecture. It is famous for such sights as Mt. Fuji, the Fuji Five Lakes region, and Kuonji Temple (head of the Nichiren Buddhist sect famous for its "steps of enlightenment" staircase). Yamanashi's natural, mountainous environment makes it a hiker's and nature lover's paradise. Yamanashi is also one of the major fruit producing regiions in Japan, and is known for the quality of its grapes and peaches. Furthermore, there are numerous onsens (natural hot springs) in Yamanashi because of the region's high amount of volcanic activity.

    Hanayagi no sho Keizan

    Style: Ryokan Hotel

    Warning: this ryokan is located in Isawa Onsen (not exactly in Kofu)
    Welcome to Hanayagi no sho Keizan. Hanayaginosho Keizan is a beautiful Japanese ryokan (Japanese style inn), conveniently located within 5-minute walking distance from JR Isawa Onsen Station. Its indoor and outdoor baths have rich source of hot spring water on the premises. Keizan Taiko Show (Japanese drums show) performed by stuff is very popular among its guests. There are 118 rooms at Hanayagi no sho Keizan.

    Price Per Person:
    ¥15,000 ~ ¥30,000

    Guest Rating: No Reviews Yet