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Kamogawa Onsen

Chiba Prefecture is located just east of the Tokyo metropolitan area. For many foreign tourists, Narita International Airport will be their first contact with Japan. It is the main international transportation hub in Japan and it ranks as one of the world's leading international airports. There are many sightseeing attractions in Chiba Prefecture too. Near JR Narita train station there is Naritasan Shinshoji Temple and the Naritasan Park and Calligraphy Museum. In Sakura, the National Museum of Japanese History is the only museum in Japan which concentrates solely on Japanese history and culture. Sakura has other attractions such as the Old Samurai Houses of Sakura, Makata Shrine, and the Tsukamoto Sword Musuem. There are many hot spring resort areas on the Boso Peninsula in southern Chiba Prefecture as well.


    Style: Ryokan Hotel

    Welcome to Kamogawakanchiba. This 8 story Ryokan Hotel has 65 rooms, and each guest room has its own private bath and toilet. Kamogawakanchiba's guest rooms are varied: 2 deluxe guest rooms, 4 guest rooms with outdoor hot spring baths, 33 guest rooms with Japanese “hinoki” (cypress) baths, 5 guest rooms with an adjoining salon, 14 standard Japanese-style rooms, and 7 Western-style rooms. There are also a wide variety of hot spring baths for both women and men (same gender only), and t...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥20,000 ~ ¥30,000

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