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One of Japan’s Three Sacred Mountains along with Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama. Mt. Hakusan has been a mountain of worship from ancient times. The meaning of Mt. Hakusan is “ White Mountain “ like Mt. Blanc in Europe. The Hakusan Shirayama Hime-Jinja Oku-miya (Shrine), is located at the peak of Mt. Hakusan. The origin of mountain-climbing worship is said to date back to 717, when a priest named Taicho climbed Mt. Hakusan for the first time to practice aesthetic rites. Today, about 2700 branch shrines of Hakusan Shrine can be found throughout Japan. The Hakusan National Park is one of Japan’s most famous mountainous national parks, comprising Mt. Hakusan and its surrounding areas which cover a total area of 47,700 ha.


    Style: Cottage

    Welcome to Ikumo. This is a ryokan with a unique concept. The building is both futuristic and ecological. Ikumo is striving for a self-contained system that takes into consideration the surrounding nature. It generates energy by using solar panels and use biotape to filter rainwater for our service water. Ikumo in Hakusan has both Japanese and western style guest rooms so that you can feel at home and relax. It also features a spacious room with a fire place where you can do yoga, meditat...

    Price Per Person:
    ¥20,000 ~ ¥25,000

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