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Yamaguchi Prefecture is located at the western end of the main island of Honshu. This prefecture faces the Sea of Japan and over the years it had many active exchanges with other Asian nations. The capital city of Yamaguchi is known as the "Kyoto of western Japan" because of such historical attractions as the temple garden Joeiji and the 5 story pagoda Rurikoji. Nearby Yuda Onsen (Yuda Hot Spring) is another attraction worth visiting. Other interesting areas include Hagi with its traditional samurai and merchant quarters and the famous "Hagi-yaki" (Hagi pottery). East of Hagi lies the picturesque town of Tsuwano with its well-preserved samurai houses and the extinct volcano Aonoyama. The natural attractions of Yamaguchi Prefecture include Akiyoshido Cave which is the largest limestone cave in Japan and the scenic island of Omijima.

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