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The capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture is the city of Fukuoka. With a population of 1.3 million inhabitants, Fukuoka is the largest city on the island of Kyushu. Recently, it has established itself as a western Japan's major cultural center and an international gateway to Asia (being closer to Seoul, Korea than Tokyo). A modern, internationally-oriented business center, Fukuoka is not a major tourist attraction but there are some interesting shrines, temples, and museums in the city (especially the Hakata Machiya Folk Museum). Other interesting tourist attractions in Fukuoka Prefecture are Chikugogawa Hot Spring, Dazaifu Prefectural Natural Park, and Kurume. Another interesting area is Yanagawa where visitors can cruise down the canals on "donke" (gondola-type boats) and admire the red brick warehouses of the early 20th century and traditional Japanese-style storehouses. For more information about Fukuoka please see our travel content partner Japan-Guide.

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