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Ryokan: Magoemon
Area: Shirakawa-go
Style: Gassho-Zukuri
Total Nights:

Guests must contact us at least 7 days before their planned stay

We cannot make reservations in Shirakawa-go for the light up event in January and February. Ryokans will not take reservations from us during the light up. Please contact the Shirakawa-go Information center at

Number of rooms

Number of Guests

Do you have any food you cannot eat? Any allergies?

You are responsible for stating your food allergies prior to making your requests. All allergies need to be brought to our attention and explained in detail. In the case of life threatening allergies email us directly at after making your request.

Any other requests or important information we should know?

We call each ryokan directly. We will send you a personalized offer based on availability. We usually reply on the same day (except on weekends). To better serve you, please submit this form only if you intend to make a reservation.

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