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Style: Luxurious Ryokan

Price Per Person:
¥30000 ~ ¥100000

Guest Rating:

Address (English)

1116 -6 Shuzenji Shuzenji -cho
Tagata -gun

Address (Japanese)




Welcome to Yagyunosho. This is a high-class, traditional Luxurious Ryokan located in the famous hot spring area of Shuzenji. The main building is made of Japanese "hinoki" (cypress) in the traditional Japanese "sukiya" architectural style. There are 16 Japanese-style rooms at Yagyunosho, including 2 rooms in a private guest residence. Each guest room has its own private bath and toilet. In the deluxe rooms there are also private outdoor hot spring baths. Yagyunosho has both indoor and outdoor hot spring baths for women and men, and they are open 24 hours a day. The women's indoor hot spring bath can hold up to 10 bathers, and the men's indoor hot spring bath can hold up to 20 bathers. The 2 outdoor hot spring baths can hold up to 10 bathers and 15 bathers. From the outdoor hot spring baths, guests can relax and enjoy the Yagyunosho's Japanese garden, waterfall, and bamboo forest. Two saunas are also available. Check-in time is after 14:00 and check-out time is before 11:00am. Parking is available. English is spoken.

Yagyunosho dates back to 1959 when the ryotei restaurant Yagyu opened in Shiba Shirokane, Tokyo. From the beginning as a purveyor of authentic Kyoto-style kaiseki cuisine, Yagyunosho emerged out of their founder's desire to further dedicate himself to the culinary arts. In 1970, inspired by the traditional scenery of Japan that remained unchanged for centuries on the mountainside of Shuzenji Temple, their founder decided that it should be home to an inn of quality and distinction. From his involvement in kendo, the founder took the revered Yagyu name and christened his newly built hot-spring inn--a classic sukiya-style structure nestled in a copse of bamboo-- as Yagyunosho.

In the decades since, in accordance with their founder's philosophy of "a conscientious inn of sumptuous comfort," they have consistently sought to make their inn a place where traditional cuisine, baths, scenery, hospitality, and the beauty of Japanese architecture come together as one.

In 2009, to mark their 40th anniversary, they undertook renovations of the entrance, baths, and all guest suites into authentic honsuki style using generations-old techniques of master craftsmen.


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  • Japanese Style Room with Private Bath
  • Japanese Style Room with Private Toilet Avialable
  • Large Japanese Style Room (4 or more guests)
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Hanare, (Private Guest Residence)
  • Towels


  • Shared Outdoor Hot Spring Bath (Same Gender Only)
  • Shared Indoor Hot Spring Bath (Same Gender Only)
  • Private Hot Spring Bath in Guest Room N/A
  • Private Outdoor Hot Spring Bath (Attached to Guest Room)
  • "Family Bath" (Privately Reserved Hot Spring Bath)
  • Mixed Outdoor Hot Spring Bath


  • Shared Outdoor Bath (Same Gender Only)
  • Shared Indoor Bath (Same Gender Only)
  • Private Outdoor Bath (Attached to Guest Room)
  • "Family Bath" (Privately Reserved Bath)
  • Mixed Outdoor Bath (Both Genders)


  • Dinner and Breakfast Plan Available
  • Breakfast Plan Only Available
  • No Meal Plan Available


  • Special Meal Request (e.g. No Pork)
  • Vegetarian Meals (with fish)
  • Vegetarian Meals (no fish but with fish broth)
  • Western-style Breakfast


  • Dinner Served in Guest Room
  • Breakfast Served in Guest Room


  • English Ability of the Ryokan Staff/Owners: Good English Spoken
  • Internet Connection: Lobby Computer
  • Parking: Free Parking
  • Curfew Time: 24:00 Midnight
  • Pickup Service:
  • Single Guests:
  • Children under 12 Years allowed:
  • Pay with a Credit Card:
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